iOS 7 Beta 4 Release Probably Close

Well folks, in about 12 hours iOS 7 Beta 4 *may* be released. Following the crash of the Apple Developer Center and its subsequent reboot, it may have been delayed, but it’s already been nearly 3 weeks since the last beta, iOS 7 Beta 3, was released to developers worldwide. Read on to find out more…

For those in Singapore, assuming the release follows the typical 10 am PST on Monday time, it would be Tuesday (tomorrow) at 2 am. You should be able to update through downloading the iOS 7 Beta 4 IPSW file and updating through iTunes, or OTA (Over The Air).

However, due to the increase in security after the hacks, Apple may just prevent those with unregistered UDIDs from updating, following which they would have to downgrade to the latest public release (6.1.4 for iPhone 5, 6.1.3 for pretty much everything else). In the event of that, we would be here to give you directions to do so, so do subscribe to us via email, like our Facebook account at and subscribe to our Twitter feed at to be the first to get updates from us on the go. And if you want us to be able to post more and better posts, do recommend our site to your friends and family and get them to subscribe too, and comment suggestions for improvement of our site in the comment section below.

Well what do you think guys? Is Apple going to release the Beta today/tomorrow or are we going to have to wait several days? Do comment in the comment section below to air your views.

Update: iOS 7 Beta 4 may be released in just 3 hours, and if it does, do visit our site tomorrow for a breakdown of what’s new!

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