Another budget iPhone photo leaks, this time with FCC labels

GSMArena has just posted an article on a budget iPhone leak, which in my opinion seems to be very consistent with the other budget iPhone leaks that have been cropping up all over the internet. We’ve posted it here for your convenience…

So far we’ve been pretty skeptical of the budget iPhone leaks as they bear a very strong resemblance to a certain China-built Android phone. This, however, could be the money shot – the plastic budget iPhone with FCC labels on the back.

None of the other leaks we’ve seen (and there have been plenty) had such labels. The labels could, of course, be faked quite easily (especially in a blurry shot like this). Still, we’re on the lookout for official FCC docs – a non-blurry shot with the FCC ID clearly visible would be a great start.

Anyway, the rumor mill also says that this budget iPhone will be unveiled on September 6. There are other rumors that contradict this date so we’ll see. For what it’s worth, the iPhone 5 was announced September 12.

The look and feel of the budget iPhone “leak” is consistent with many others, but of course we won’t know for sure till it’s released-if it is released. However, I would think it is safe to say that a budget iPhone is in the pipelines, as reports are constantly surfacing about how the high end sector of the smartphone market is experiencing a slowdown in growth, and that a mid-tier range phone (that is, a phone that is not cheap, yet not expensive) would serve to benefit Apple much as few mid-tier phones have actually been sold and are being used by consumers worldwide.

For what it’s worth, the iPhone depicted in this “leak” seems to be very well-crafted, and although it uses plastic, looks much nicer than Samsung’s phones, which generally have a cheap feel. Perhaps this might be what we see this Fall, probably along with the rumoured new iPhone 5S and iOS 7, perhaps not. What do you think folks? Do comment in the comment section below to air your opinions. And if you wish to receive instantaneous updates about phones and news about phones from us, do subscribe to our Facebook account or follow our blog via email.

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