Surface RT price slashed by $180

Just awhile back, Microsoft announced that the prices of the Surface RT will be slashed in Microsoft Stores in the US by US$150. The 32GB Surface RT is now US$349 (without the touch cover) while the Surface Pro starts at US$899.

Now in Singapore, the Surface RT’s starting price has been slashed by S$180 to S$488 (the Pro is $1198)

You can get your Surface from Challenger, Newstead or Harvey Norman.

But with the next generation of Surface tablets rumoured to be announced soon with better Haswell chips and longer battery life, including a possible 7″ Surface, we doubt that people will be scrambling to get the 1st gen Surface, even with the price cut.

Also, with so many other tablets out there running on more established operating systems like the iPad or the new Android-powered Galaxy Tab lineup, consumers may prefer these options to the Surface, which runs on the rather limited Windows 8 and RT platforms. (Hey, they don’t even have an app for Facebook)

But with the recent announcement of Windows 8.1, together with a bunch of new apps (like Flipboard), perhaps Windows 8 is picking up speed. But probably not quickly enough.

What do you guys think?

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